Videos developed by EDEN showcase the PALATI and the surrounding area of Vouni Panayias:

Press reviews:

•        ‘….a magnificent stone building. The Palati (Palace) of Xylari consists of four apartments, one a
miniature of a Mycenaean Palace built about 250 years ago. Yiannoula opened the outer, wooden door
and then a glass door and invited me to come inside. When I saw the cozy sitting room with oriental
rugs, beam ceilings, fireplace, and kitchen, along with Yiannoula’s welcoming smile, I felt the nostalgic
thrill of having taken a giant step back in time. A table held a huge vase filled with dozens of pink roses,
gracing the center of this peaceful refuge, my home for the night’.

(Patricia Keegan, ‘Cyprus: Aphrodite’s Choice’, Washington International, 14, No. 5, June 2000, p. 1)

•        ‘There will certainly not be enough time to experience everything there is to experience this
autumn in the cool of the Paphos mountain areas. One option, however, is to station yourself in a
recently-restored Cypriot house, known as Palati, in the unspoiled and scenic village of Panayia… The
owner, Yiannoulla Katselli, for whom Palati – originally her great grandfather’s house built 250 years
ago – is her life, made a true effort to fill it with a wide range of flowers and aromatic herbs, which make
an afternoon coffee break sheer bliss, especially when it includes local fruits and sweets…. A number of
personalities, including well-known writers, TV presenters, an EU senior official and a prince have stayed
at Palati in the last two years.’

(Demetra Molyva, ‘Rural delights in a little palace’, The Cyprus Weekly, September 17-23, 1999, p. 32)

•        ‘[Palati] is a restored, two-storey stone-built house and consists of four self-contained hotel
apartments. The central apartment is a miniature replica of a Mycenean palace built some 250-300 years
ago by Yiannis Xylaris. The building’s salient feature is the hearth, a sitting room area with fireplace and
traditional furniture and décor. All the apartments preserve their traditional character and, from the
balconies, you can enjoy panoramic views of the area. Xylaris’s great-great-granddaughter, Yiannoulla
Katselli, last year restored and converted the building and with the help of the CTO’s agrotourism
programme….. The Palati offers the comforts of a fully furnished modern home with central heating and
fully-equipped kitchen.’

(Demetra Molyva, ‘Stay in Makarios’s home village’, The Cyprus Weekly, May 30 – June 5, 1997).